"I think PEM is going to be the new wave for acting. It is holistic, organic and you understand how to use your body to show your emotions. It’s brilliant, refreshing and confidence building. PEM is definitely the coolest way of learning and improving your craft. It will be beneficial to my acting career and I recommend it to anybody."

Mitchell de Best, Actor, Amsterdam

The Studios 3 month  course  is a 12 weeks program for actors with experience who want to add PEM to their toolbox.  Actors will train 12 hours a week and receive acting training through the biological process of The Perdekamp Emotional Method, covering the following:

• Emotional training: unblocking and building up emotional fitness and stamina
• Truthful emotional communication and interaction
• Training in presence and “being in the moment”
• Improvisation
• Character work
• Monologue /Scene work

Upon Completion, students will perform in a private Monologue/Scene Showcase






12 weeks of tuition,  plus a one week break in the middle.

Mondays (6 - 10pm) and Fridays (11am - 7pm).

COURSE DATES : There will be 3 programs running in 2019
21st January - 12th April 2019 (April 13th and 14th showcase)
29th April - 19th July 2019 (July 20th and 21st showcase)
16th September - 6th December 2019 ( December 7th and 8th showcase)

COST: $3300

*Entry into program upon interview