"PEM is a clearly structured method, based on a holistic approach to developing acting skills, with a strong impact on the forms of theatrical expression. This method ensures the quick, efficient and secure elaboration of emotional states, offering thus a viable solution to one of the major problems of the actor's art and the creative process.
The Perdekamp method stands out from other methods of accessing emotional states based on physicality through its simplicity, accuracy, full expressive power, and last but not least, through its amazing organic structure.
Thanks to the clarity and effectiveness of the method, the interpretative qualities of our students have shown an unexpected and fundamental development."

Assoc. Prof. Dr.habil. Bács Miklós, Romania
Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babeş- Bolyai University

Based on the established 3 year course run at The PEM Centre in Hamburg Germany , the transformative 3 year course is now available in Australia and is a comprehensive program for those actors who wish to be grounded in the full PEM process.
Upon Completion, actors will come out fully trained in the following: 

• Biological acting principles
• Comprehensive emotional training
• Truthful emotional interaction
• Training in presence and being in the moment
• Voice / Breath
• Bodywork
• Personal de-patterning / Creating the blank canvas
• Combat / Fencing / Sword / Pantomime / Clown / Dance
• Singing
• Musical training
• Generating energetic atmospheres
• Subconscious text work
• Ensemble work
• Improvisation
• Immediacy in performance
• In-depth and embodied character work
• Monologue / Scene work
• Subtle energetic crafting
• Theatre maker training / Devising Plays


The program sees students create and take part in the following performances: 

Street Theatre (year 1)
Full Play Showcase (year 2)
Production year (year 3)


-Entry By Audition -




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