The Biological Principles Term Classes, are for those who are grounded in the fundamentals of PEM and need a place to deepen and put into practice their new found tools. This weekly gym for actors workout will take your acting to an entirely new level of authenticity, immediacy and depth. It is also an opportunity to bring in your audition text into class.

Through these classes, actors will continue to gain:

  •   Greater emotional flexibility and immediate emotional communication prior to thought.

    •    Training  to consistently and reliably "get out of your head" and gain choice and control over your craft.

    •    Access to the immediate emotional and physical life of any character non psychologically and have the freedom to step in and out of character without psychological residue.

    •    The skills for  fine and subtle processes for camera work and powerful and raw communication for the stage.

    •    A deeper and clearer understanding and use of emotion into voice and text


Term Class DETAILS



CONTACT HOURS: Fridays 5pm - 8pm


COST: $570