"It was so wonderful having you in the school and the work you gave us has been used over and over already! Especially I notice that my actors are going very deep emotionally into the work and coming out easily, safely and well. So good!"

Glenda Linscott
Head of Acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

"Stephan Perdekamp has created something extraordinary, a method using only an actor’s bio-physiology. This is the acting technique for the 21st century – it would have amazed even Stanislavsky!"

Peter McAllister
Acting Teacher / Certified PEM Instructor, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

"I'm very impressed by the techniques PEM has developed to facilitate actors' access to their feelings. It is absolutely in keeping with current discoveries in neuro-science and the results are more honest than a lot of the traditional strain and self-indulgence that surrounds much acting work. Actors do not have to go into autobiographical trauma to dredge up feelings which usually have more to do with the actor and less to do with the character they're playing! By seriously studying how the body functions, actors can, healthily and efficiently, release truthful expressiveness. The body rarely lies. And this process of working through body to emotion is what PEM is constantly exploring and refining. Ultimately, the physical and the emotional are one."

Mike Alfreds
 Director, London - Described  by Sir Ian McKellen as one of the three best directors in the country

"At once new and revolutionary yet somehow timeless and familiar, PEM truly is a paradigm-shift and could well herald in the next major advance in actor training and performance possibility."

Jon Hunter
Senior Acting Tutor – Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School

"To access emotions with ease and without attachment is the greatest gift you can give an actor.  As both a tutor and professional actor, PEM has opened up a world for me that before now I could only dream of.

Organic and powerful, PEM can take a performance to levels rarely seen.
It forces the actor out of his head and into his body, developing his organic responses and reactions bringing spontaneity, passion and integrity with focus to his work.  This technique is needed now more than ever! With digital technologies depleting our imagination and our ability to interact at a basic human-to-human level, PEM brings us back into our physiology, develops our awareness and expands our repertoire.  

From my experience no other technique does this so easily, cleanly and powerfully.  With PEM, the actor has total control without attachment – easily slipping from one emotion to another within a matter of seconds and developing a profound focused interaction."

Maggie Tarver MA
(1st) Senior Lecturer / Course Leader BA (Hons) Performance, Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom

"Until now, I was convinced that actors have to learn how to ‘act’ emotions by using triggers or putting up a front. These ‘acted’ emotions are cognitive constructs. Truth be told, they are ‘feigned’. They are not truly and directly experienced. As an audience, you immediately recognize ‘acted emotions’.

Stephan Perdekamp’s acting method allows the actor to learn how to utilize the primary emotional patterns – ‘true’ emotions as it were – as a reliable tool for their craft.

The demonstration of the P.E.M. was extraordinary. The portrayal of emotion was immediate and direct because the emotions were not acted but real. The emotions were actually part of the experience of the actors, their behavior as well as their movements – at no point whatsoever were they unreal, ‘acted’ or over the top. As a spectator, you cannot withdraw from the incredulous authenticity but feel yourself be drawn right in. This is an earth-shaking novelty. What a revolution for acting if emotions no longer have to be evoked or triggered by thought.

My experiences with P.E.M. prove to me that Stephan Perdekamp has made a sensational discovery."

Martin Miller, Psychologist, Switzerland

"This unique technique defines a new movement in the acting field of education and technique. The duty of care offered to actors by this system is second to none in the world and a movement the industry has needed for 140 years!"

Dean Carey, Director of Actors Centre Australia, Sydney

"I think PEM is going to be the new wave for acting. It is holistic, organic and you understand how to use your body to show your emotions. It’s brilliant, refreshing and confidence building. PEM is definitely the coolest way of learning and improving your craft. It will be beneficial to my acting career and I recommend it to anybody."

Mitchell de Best, Actor, Amsterdam