September 14th - 15th

We are thrilled to be able to offer at PEM Studios Melbourne a 2 day Workshop in The Perdekamp Emotional Methods approach to voice , this September 14th to 15th!

This is a great opportunity for performers of all kinds to gain great insight into PEM’s approach to voice, and experience how PEM can get your voice to resonate dynamically and free, without excess pressure or restrictions, begin to re-establish a natural balance to the breathing and vocal organs and broaden your vocal range of expression…just to name a few.

Those of who have experienced this freeing approach to voice work already, this will not only allow you to go through the fundamentals on a deeper level, but also address and clarify any ongoing vocal restriction.

"Voice is one my favourite areas of PEM Training! I have been amazed at how freeing and wielding the vocal system in a holistic manner has changed my acting in ALL areas. I have come to realise that mastering the voice allows the sound that we make to become a work of art in and of itself, thus enriching the entire character and performance."
- Elle Hill-Cotter, Actor / 1 year program participant

WHEN: 14th & 15th of September

time: 11am - 5pm

WHERE: PEM Studios Melbourne
6 Albert place South Melbourne

COST : $300
(10% reduced rate available for MEAA equity members)